Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forgotten Poets Kumara-sambhavamu by Nanne Choda-deva

Naturally Nannaya was not the first finished poet in Andhra speech. But until recently no earlier 
poems seem to have been generally known to exist. In 1909, however, M. Rfima-krishria Kavi has published 
as no. 2 of the " Forgotten Poets " Series a Kumara-sambhavamu purporting to be by Nanne Choda-deva 
Tehkanaditya, son of Choda-balli, king of Oravfiru (Trichinopoly) ; and the editor on his English title-page 
gives the year of his death as A.D. 940, while in his preface he states that he fell in battle against the 
Western Chalukyas in Saka 940.

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