Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gidugu born in 1863

Gidugu Venkata Rammurty was born on 29 August 1863 in Parvatala Peta village which is located near Srimukhalingam of Srikakulam District towards the north of Visakhapatnam City in Andhra Pradesh, India. His father is Sri. Verraju and mother is Smt. Venkamaa. Verraju worked as a revenue officer in Parvataala peta. He attended Maharaja's English school. He passed Matriculation in 1879. Sri Gurajada Apparao was his classmate. Gigudu was married in 1879. He got a school teacher position in Parlakimidi Gajapati Maha raja's school to teach sixth grade History. He started taking care of his mother and two sisters. He continued studies privately. He completed F.A. in 1886 and B.A. in 1896. He took history major and achieved distinction. When Raja's high school became a college he became a lecturer.

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