Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pedda Balasiksha CD

Language was a culture that kept people united, and ignorance of the language culture was dividing people, the Avanigadda MLA and president of the Telugu Bhashodyama Samakhya, Mandali Buddha Prasad, said on Saturday.
Releasing a compact disc (CD) on `Pedda Balasiksha' here on Saturday, Mr. Prasad lamented that Telugus were not united, despite being pioneers in the agitation for the formation of States on linguistic basis. He lauded the service rendered in bringing out a book, which was published 172 years ago, in the form of a CD. Underscoring the need to protect and promote the mother tongue, he said non-resident Telugus would patronize the CD more than those living in the State.
`Pedda Balasiksha' is a compendium of several "facts of life." The then Governor of the Madras State compiled it in 1822. The `Balasiksha,' authored by Puduru Sitarama Sastry, was first published in 1832. It was prepared with perfect planning and a definite idea of the grasping ability of children. The second edition was published after 24 years. It is only in 1865 that `Pedda Balasiksha,' with improved and increased content, was published. for info call me 9 09441816605,,

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